Spring Fashion Essentials: Scarves

April 11, 2016

Spring Fashion Essentials: Scarves

Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, it is officially spring! Spring weather can be unpredictable so don't pack away your scarves just yet as they can come in handy for those spring breezes. Not to mention, scarves make such a cool accessory for your spring wardrobe!

A scarf may be just what you need this spring.

Whether you are game on in stepping up the color of your outfit for spring or not quite game enough to wear colors all the way, a bright scarf is the perfect accessory to incorporate colors into your spring outfit and make you pop out from the crowd.

So, what makes a good spring scarf?

    1. Thin and Light, it is spring after all
    When choosing a scarf for spring, stick with ones that are soft, thin and lightweight. Scarves made from silk, cotton, linen or wool-silk offer great breathability, perfect for warmer weathers. While scarves made from synthetic fabrics like polyester or jersey may be cheaper, they are not as breathable as natural fabrics and are harmful to the environment and your body! So try to stay away from synthetic scarves as much as possible.
      2. Bright and Bold
      Don't be afraid to pick a bright and bold scarf for spring! Spring is the season for rebirth and what could be more refreshing than bright colors? To really make a statement, use a bright scarf to complement or contrast the colors of your outfit. Even if you don't feel comfortable in a whole lot of bold colors, pairing a bright scarf with neutral, monotone outfit can still take a simple look to a whole new level of chic!
        3. Fun and Flirty

        It's a spring affair, so be fun and flirty! How? It's all in the details! Forget about the plain old scarf and look for one with fun details! Be it stripes, lace, sequin, or prints, they all make an interesting spring scarf! For a fun look, try picking a scarf with stripes, prints, or rhinestone embellishments. Alternatively, choose a scarf with lace or sequin details to really flirt with spring!

        Here are some styling ideas for inspiration from the Spring Fashion with My Signature Scarf Contest: 

        Spring Fashion with My Signature Scarf Contest - Entries on

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