Summer Scarves v Winter Scarves

July 25, 2016

Summer Scarves v Winter Scarves

Scarves: Not Just for Winter!

Yes, scarves are commonly known to bundle us up during the harsh, cold winter months. They are big (well, not Lenny Kravitz “blanket” big), bulky, warm, and come in a variety of colours to go seamlessly with our winter fashion apparel. However, don’t let the warm summer days miss out on an opportunity for a beautiful, light and airy accessory—the summer scarf.

During the summer, a scarf makes for the perfect accessory. Trying to cover up a wrinkled neck and a necklace just won’t do? A scarf provides full coverage. Going out for an summer evening on the town? Don’t let the chill get to you, pack a light scarf in your purse to sling around you at night. It is a multi-purpose accessory that is both functional, like keeping you warm, and fashionable with a variety of designs, colours and fabrics.

Speaking of fabrics, the key to a great summer scarf is all in the material. Since it’s summer, there is no need for heavy bulk fabrics. You are looking for fabrics with silkiness, chiffon and fine weaves. Ensure that any fabrics you choose are breathable. In addition to choosing a fabric, an important factor when buying a summer scarf is shape and length. This determines how the scarf will be tied (stay tuned for a future blog on this topic). A sneak peek: how you tie a scarf can alter your look in a drastic way from a slimming effect to having a little fun with bows.

And then there is the colour! Winter brings in earth tones and dark shades, but summer is meant for vibrant colours and patterns. Depending on your skin tone, picking a complimenting colour is important—remember, the scarf is sitting at your neckline. Whether you choose brighter colours or neutral tones, a scarf can look amazing as a solid colour or as a patterned design. If choosing a pattern, let your personality shine through with either polka dots or flowers to animal print scarves or zig zags.

So yeah, summer scarves are a thing. Next time you are walking down the street, don’t ponder at the fashionista wearing a scarf in the scorching heat, she’s just on trend. Anyone can wear a summer scarf, and your first purchase can be with My Signature Scarf.

At My Signature Scarf, we LOVE summer fashion scarves! We only use the highest quality natural fibres without harsh chemical treatments. We boast an array of summer scarves that are light and airy, and our Silk scarves are perfect for summer. All scarves from My Signature Scarf are colourful, handmade in India, and make a statement to whoever sees them. So, when you parade down the street with the sun beaming on your skin, you will be the one people call a fashionista.

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