Our Fabrics

At My Signature Scarf, we strive for excellence in quality with every scarf we make. This is our promise to you. We take pride in sourcing the world's finest natural fabrics to handcraft luxury scarves that are soft, warm, non-irritating, and non-toxic to the skin. All our scarves are handwoven from yarns of the following fabrics: 


Known as the queen of textile fabrics because of its sheen and lustre, silk is popular in the fashion industry. Silk’s natural smooth fibres ensure a light touch against the skin and breathability.


My Signature Scarf only uses wool sourced from Australian sheep herds. One of wool’s characteristics is its amount of crimp. Crimp is what makes wool a bulkier fabric, thus, holding air which allows wool to retain heat.

Merino Wool

Like wool, Merino wool consists of crimp, except much finer and softer than regular wool. This softer type of wool comes from Australian Merino sheep and takes long periods to grow. Merino wool is collected only twice a year, making it more scarce than regular wool. 


Though a soft and lightweight fabric, Cashmere is eight times warmer than regular wool. Cashmere comes from the undercoat of goats, usually bred in Mongolia. To recover the soft fibres from the undercoat, laborers must separate them from the coarser fibres of the top coat by hand. Its production process and scarcity are what make Cashmere a luxury fabric.


Even thinner and softer than Cashmere is Pashmina or Pashm wool. Pashm wool comes from the undercoat of a specific type of goat, the Changthangi goats of Kashmir, India to be exact. The fibres of Pashm wool are so fine that they can be difficult to spin into yarns. For these reasons, the production of Pashm wool is scarce, making Pashm wool an exclusive, luxury fabric. 

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